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What to expect in your Private Heaven?
How do we meet?

You will find peace, all kind of life in the lagoon, the ocean, the mangroves and in the air. You can choose between relaxation, sun, shade, music, the sound of tropic silence or adventures at any time. It´s your place, your time, your choice and your private heaven!

It is not an All Inclusive resort with hundreds of guests, it´s only you and your entourage. This is what you are looking for and what you get: a private vacation, living on an island with a beautiful coral reef in front of you and protecting mangroves to all other sides. Maybe you will catch your own snacks, but you will also enjoy the most comfort that an off grid house in the middle of the Caribbean Sea can provide.

Your whole private area is kept natural. There are walkways through the mangroves and palm medal forest and it´s easy to get into the water. No matter where you go, keep in mind that there is no lifeguard around. We can always stay in contact, I´m offering a tablet for calls and video chats and in case of an emergency, there is also a phone on the island. For walking into the water I would recommend simple Crogs or water sandals with a stronger shoe sole - if you forget to bring them, there are places in Placencia to buy.

And of course you will bring your own food and everything you need. Don´t worry, I will help you with all that stuff, so you can prepare the perfect stay. The kitchen is perfectly equipped.

Out there, most of the time you will have a nice breeze from the prevailing wind. The beach house was planned to use this natural cooling and fans are also doing their work. But for your best comfort, both bedrooms provide AC with 12,000 BTU!

The bathroom and the kitchen use rainwater, which is collected in five 660 gallon tanks.

And don´t be afraid how to get on the island and back: your stay includes the transfer from the mainland to Lark Caye and back with my boat. In case you have a longer stay, we can also do some trips in between. If you run out of something and just want to get more sodas, beer or anything else you can also send me your list and by covering the costs for fuel you will get what you need in time.

And if you like to eat fresh fish or seafood, we can arrange something with one of the local fishermen who can stop by.

Here how we meet and how I (Gigi, the owner) assist with everything:

- Airport: Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport is the first destination from the US. From there you need to get to Placencia Village, which has one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in whole Belize. You can take a walk for 30 minutes or more to get one from end to the other.

- Transfer to Placencia: there are shuttle services which you would have to book before your arrival, they take around 80 USD per person. Sometimes they offer short term reduced rates if there are already other guests who booked the transfer and then they go down to 49 USD. It´s a 3,5 hour ride, including one hour over the Hummingbird Highway, a freeway through the tropic hills, one of the most beautiful roads of our planet. If you want to save time, there are also inland flights operated by Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. The costs are beteween 72 USD and 140 USD p.p. (one way).

If you arrive late at the International Airport, it makes sense to stay one night in Placencia. The last plane from Belize City to Placencia is usually at 5 PM. If you want to rent a car (which is too expensive just for the transfer from Belize City to Placencia) please don´t plan to drive after dark. The roads are not the best and there are absolutely no street lights, most of the car accidents happen after 6 PM when it got dark.

- Island: I tried to set the highest level of accommodation if you respect that the island is an undeveloped place without any infrastructure in the middle of nowhere. Both bedrooms provide an AC and in all rooms are ceiling fans including the kitchen and the living room.  The house is positioned towards the prevailing wind, therefore usually you get cooled down by the natural resources.

- When you arrive: we would make an appointment when and where to meet in Placencia respecting your travel schedule. After we met I will assist you with the grocery shopping. I will show you the best places to get what you need and we put everything on my truck. When you are ready we will drive to one of my boats. Usually we will use my huge 25 feet boat with two decks,  a sundeck and a lower deck for your luggage, supplies or for yourself in case it rains. If you are just two persons and if the sea is calm and the weather nice we can also use my Boston Whaler which is even faster. No matter what, rain and waves are no problem, we will always use the boat that serves best. Just in case of a heavy thunderstorm we would have to wait a bit, but that only occurred once in two years.

The latest time to leave Placencia with my boat is 4 pm, better 3 pm. This means we should not meet later than 2 pm. Everything takes a lot of time. If you are planning to arrive later please let me know to discuss if we can make that happen. The boat ride takes not more than 30 minutes, but I have to give you some instructions how everything works on the island and what you have to do in case of an accident or an emergency. This takes another 30 - 45 minutes. There is a phone and a tablet with a special communication app on the island with high speed internet, so you will be able to video chat, text or call me when you need something. The boat transfers from the mainland to the island and to bring you back to Placencia on your check out day are of course included. If you need additional runs during your stay I would have to ask for some reimbursement regarding the boat fuel, that´s the most expensive part of my whole project with the island. But don´t worry, none of my guests had any problem so far, we always find a solution for everything.

On the island you will find a lot of different snorkeling masks, full face and regular ones. Also flippers/ fins. If you are more than 3 or 4 persons maybe you want to consider to take your own gear (especially the fins) with you, because I can´t provide 4 times the same gear for each size. Take some water sandals with you, because everything in the water is coral rock, they will help you to protect your feet. I have some on the island, but if you are more than 2 persons you may need additional ones.

The high end Marshall bluetooth speaker is awesome, you will love it.

Usually you will spend your time outside until you go to bed, but if it rains or the sand flies are coming out of the mangroves (if the wind turns to the west or dies down) then you may want to hide inside until it´s over. I´m providing everything to fight the sand flies outside, but if you want to spend time inside, there is a smart TV with Netflix, a Wii console and some board games.

If you are more than 4 persons, the additional person will have to sleep on an inflatable bed, either in the bedroom with AC (where the space will get tight next to the king size bed) or the living room. I don´t recommend more than 4 adult persons to book, children are no problem.


There is a backup for everything: gas heater for hot water if you used up the 21 gallons from the solar heater during the evening and a 5 kW generator if you are using the ACs more than the solar can cover. The toilet is working with salt water, you will never run out of that.

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