About the project

The foundation is planned and constructed to withstand a Hurricane category 4

25 single foundation elements are like a claw to stick to the ground:

  • each tube is going 3 feet down to the ground of the island (solid coral rock island)

  • the water-resistent tubes are ribbed and uncrackable, the ribs interlock inside and outside with the cement

  • each tube was filled with a cement floor (only using sweet water - not salt water) to keep it dry from the ground

  • then the post came in, perfectly aligned with the other posts

  • inside the tubes, a perfect concrete mix of sand, conch shell and sweet water build a massive and dry basement

  • outside the tubes, again a massive cement block interlocks with the tubes and provides horizontal and vertical stability

The floor of the beach house is 5 feet above the ground

These are some early stages. Of course the whole footing got perfectly leveled and knee braced in all directions.

This is the way, how everything gets out to the island

Everything is done manually:

No machines, no barge, always protecting the environment, the Mangroves and the Coral Reef!


Each single piece of the house is carried by hand. From the dock on the mainland to the boat and from the boat to the island. I want to keep the island as it is: natural! 

Building of the dock in the lagoon - with the natural materials of the island

It took four more months to complete everything

With the Caribbean Sea in front of you, protected by a beautiful coral reef just a few steps into the ocean, and a breathtaking lagoon on the backside, you will find your private heaven!


Explore your private walkways through the mangroves with lizards, hermit crabs and birds 

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